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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: An Introduction to WS-Reliable Messaging

InfoQ Article: An Introduction to WS-Reliable Messaging

The OASIS WS-RX Technical Committee recently released the Web Services Reliable Messaging 1.1 specification for public review. In an InfoQ article, WSO2's Paul Fremantle, who is one of the two co-chairs of the committee, takes the opportunity to provide an introduction to WSRM and an overview of the specification. After describing the needs covered by WS-RM, Paul shows how the specification approaches them and illustrates how how it might be used in real systems.

Quoting from the article:

Web Services Reliable Messaging (WSRM) is a specification that allows two systems to send messages between each other reliably. The aim of this is to ensure that messages are transferred properly from the sender to the receiver. Reliable Messaging is a complex thing to define, but you can think about WSRM as providing a similar level of guarantee for XML messaging that a JMS system provides in the Java world. There is one key difference though - JMS is a standard API or programming model, with lots of different implementations and wire-protocols underneath it. WSRM is the opposite - a standard wire-protocol with no API or programming model of its own. Instead it composes with existing SOAP-based systems.

Paul's introduction is a great read, whether you are new to WS-RM in general or only interested in finding out what has changed from previous versions.

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