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The Case for Evolvable Software

Posted by Stephanie Forrest  on  Feb 11, 2011 5 Posted by Stephanie Forrest Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 11, 2011 5

Stephanie Forrest believes in the possibility to create evolvable software through automated bug repair, optimizing or improving code and creating new combinations of existing functionality.


Agile Development: Overcoming a Short-term Focus in Implementing Best Practices

Posted by Karthik Dinakar  on  Oct 18, 2010 2 Posted by Karthik Dinakar Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 18, 2010 2

Karthik Dinakar presents a case study showing that trying to reach short-term goals by ignoring some practices can lead to long-term failures, how they recovered and recommends some best practices.


Scrub & Spin: Stealth Use of Formal Methods in Software Development

Posted by Gerard Holzmann  on  Jun 02, 2010 1 Posted by Gerard Holzmann Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 02, 2010 1

Gerard Holzmann discusses Spin, a design analyzer tool, and Scrub, a code review tool, used by Jet Propulsion Laboratory to analyze and fix the software used for solar system exploration missions.


Facebook: Moving Fast at Scale

Posted by Robert Johnson  on  May 24, 2010 2 Posted by Robert Johnson Follow 0 Followers  on  May 24, 2010 2

Robert Johnson talks about: the need to prepare for horizontal scalability, very short release cycles associated with a streamlined deploying process, and making the entire process faster every day.


OOPSLA Keynote: The Power Of Abstraction

Posted by Barbara Liskov  on  Dec 23, 2009 7 Posted by Barbara Liskov Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 23, 2009 7

In a reprise of her ACM Turing Award lecture, Barbara Liskov discusses the invention of abstract data types, the CLU programming language, the Liskov Substitution Principle, and future challenges.


Community Performance Optimization: Making Your People Run as Smoothly as Your Site

Posted by Brion Vibber  on  Dec 23, 2009 3 Posted by Brion Vibber Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 23, 2009 3

Brion Vibber discusses the challenges of working with user communities, social bottlenecks, scalability of software vs communities, new approaches to scaling communities, and remaining challenges.


Practice-based Design: Some Object Lessons

Posted by Lucy Suchman  on  May 15, 2009 Posted by Lucy Suchman Follow 0 Followers  on  May 15, 2009

In this OOPSLA 2008 session, Lucy Suchman teaches 8 lessons about objects showing how they can influence project design.


DSLs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Posted by Jeff Gray  on  Apr 10, 2009 1 Posted by Jeff Gray Follow 0 Followers , Kathleen Fisher Follow 0 Followers , Charles Consel Follow 0 Followers , Gabor Karsai Follow 0 Followers , Marjan Mernik Follow 0 Followers , Juha-Pekka Tolvanen Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 10, 2009 1

In this panel recorded during OOPSLA 2008, the panelists talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using DSLs.


The Evolution of Lisp

Posted by Guy Steele  on  Apr 03, 2009 1 Posted by Guy Steele Follow 1 Followers , Richard Gabriel Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 03, 2009 1

Guy L. Steele Jr. and Richard P. Gabriel reenact their presentation called “The Evolution of Lisp” which took place during ACM History of Languages Conference in 1993.


Community-Based Innovation: From Sports Equipment to Software

Posted by Sonali K. Shah  on  Mar 05, 2009 Posted by Sonali K. Shah Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 05, 2009

Sonali K. Shah talks about innovations produced by community users. Contrary to the general perception, most innovations are not created by firms but by individuals.


Social Programming A Pyramid

Posted by Mark Lehner  on  Feb 19, 2009 1 Posted by Mark Lehner Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 19, 2009 1

Mark Lehner, an Egyptologist, talks about ancient Egyptian cultures as seen through the discoveries made on the Giza Plateau and makes some connections with software engineering.


Convergence: Model-Based Software, Systems And Control Engineering

Posted by Janos Sztipanovits  on  Feb 05, 2009 Posted by Janos Sztipanovits Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 05, 2009

Janos Sztipanovits attempts to tackle the complexity of large scale systems integration by approaching software, systems and control engineering convergence through model-based design.

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