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Microsoft Achieved Human Parity on Chinese-English Machine Translation

by Roland Meertens Follow 4 Followers on  Mar 15, 2018

Microsoft created a translation algorithm that translates Chinese sentences to English as well as human translators do. Translating Chinese sentences into English has been difficult in the past. Thanks to neural machine translation, a technique that created amazing results in the last couple of years, Microsoft got their machine translated sentences on par with human translated sentences.

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Jessica Kerr at QCon London on "Why DevOps is a Special Case of DevEx"

by Manuel Pais Follow 8 Followers on  Mar 15, 2018

Jessica Kerr, lead engineer at Atomist, presented her perspective on DevEx (Developer Experience) and how it relates to DevOps, at QCon London. She stressed that DevOps led to teams taking on accrued responsibilities (to be able to own and constantly improve their systems). To reduce cognitive load, we need better development tools that push down details on how systems get built and delivered.

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Ionic Announces Capacitor 1.0.0 Alpha for Creating Web, Hybrid, and Native Apps

by Dylan Schiemann Follow 1 Followers on  Mar 15, 2018

The Ionic team has announced the first alpha release of Capacitor, a new approach for building web, hybrid, and native apps on mobile and desktop platforms with JavaScript.

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Great Engineering Cultures and Organizations - Morning Sessions from QCon London

by Ben Linders Follow 15 Followers on  Mar 15, 2018

The building great engineering cultures and organizations track at QCon London 2018 included talks from practitioners representing digital leaders of the consumer internet as well as transformational corporates from “traditional” sectors. The speakers presented how they established and scaled engineering cultures that keep their organisations ahead of the rest. A summary of the morning sessions.

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Java Nestmates Makes Progress

by Ben Evans Follow 16 Followers on  Mar 15, 2018 1

Oracle has announced JEP 181 - "Nest-based Access Control" - aka "Nestmates". This is a technical enhancement to the platform that pays off a 20 year old architectural debt introduced in Java 1.1

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Google Previews New "Bristlecone" Quantum Processor

by Sergio De Simone Follow 7 Followers on  Mar 14, 2018

Google research scientist Julian Kelly presented Google’s new quantum processor, dubbed Bristlecone, able to scale up to 72 qubits.

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QCon London: Asynchronous Event Architectures with or without Actors

by Jan Stenberg Follow 23 Followers on  Mar 13, 2018

Synchronous request-response communication in microservices systems can be really complicated. Fortunately, asynchronous event-based architectures can be used to avoid this, Yaroslav Tkachenko claimed in a presentation at QCon London 2018, where he described his experiences with event-driven architectures and how Actors can be used in systems built on this architecture.

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Facebook Releases Open Source "Detectron" Deep-Learning Library for Object Detection

by Alexis Perrier Follow 2 Followers on  Mar 13, 2018

Recent releases from Facebook and Google implement the most current deep-learning algorithms to take a crack at the challenging problem of machine object detection.

Architecture & Design Follow 1482 Followers

Common Pitfalls in Microservice Integration: Bernd Rücker at QCon London

by Jan Stenberg Follow 23 Followers on  Mar 13, 2018

In a microservices architecture, every microservice is a separate application, with its own data storage and communicating over a network. This creates an environment that is highly distributed, and with that come challenges, Bernd Rücker explained in his presentation at QCon London 2018, exploring common pitfalls in microservice integration and solutions that include workflow engines.

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Visual Studio 2017 15.6 Released

by Jeff Martin Follow 9 Followers on  Mar 13, 2018

Microsoft has released their 6th update to Visual Studio 2017. Following the pattern of previous releases, it contains several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements across the IDE.

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Alan Cooper on Working Backwards for Better Product Design

by Shane Hastie Follow 13 Followers on  Mar 12, 2018

At the Agile India conference, design expert Alan Cooper gave a keynote talk on Working Backwards in which he described an approach to design and innovation centered on three key elements: know your user and their goals, see possible solutions, and see the big picture.

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Scaling Graphite at Criteo Using a Cassandra Backend

by Hrishikesh Barua Follow 8 Followers on  Mar 12, 2018

At last month's FOSDEM, a member of the Criteo SRE team delivered a talk on scaling their Graphite installation using Cassandra for storage. A custom Graphite plugin called BigGraphite written by the Criteo engineering team replaces the default WhisperDB with Cassandra to achieve fault tolerance and elastic scaling.

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QCon London: Ensuring Data Consistency in Distributed Systems Using CRDTs

by Jan Stenberg Follow 23 Followers on  Mar 12, 2018

Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) is a family of algorithms for ensuring strong eventual consistency in distributed systems without the use of a centralized server that now has been theoretically proven to work, Martin Kleppmann claimed in a presentation at QCon London 2018, where he explored algorithms allowing people to collaborate on shared documents.

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Swift 4.2 Enters Final Development Stage, Paving the Way for Swift 5

by Sergio De Simone Follow 7 Followers on  Mar 12, 2018

With Swift 4.1 being close to its official release in Xcode 9.3, currently available in beta, the Swift team is now focusing on the next version of the language, Swift 4.2. Besides including bug fixes and improvements to compile-time performance, the new version will further advance work on ABI stability.

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JetBrains Releases Kotlin 1.2.30

by Michael Redlich Follow 10 Followers on  Mar 12, 2018

JetBrains recently released version 1.2.30 of the popular programming language, Kotlin, as a big fix and tooling update that come about a month-and-a-half after the release of version 1.2.20. New features include support for Gradle’s build cache tool, support for TestNG, and IDE support for Kotlin’s new style guide.

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