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  • New Books on Software Architecture

    Software Architecture is one of the important topics for software engineers, because many failures of software development projects are caused by inadequate design. Thus, it is essential to learn more about architectural issues in theory and practice. Interesting new books that have been published recently or in the near future could be very helpful

  • Quartz 2.0 Supports Fluent Configuration API and Monitoring of Job Scheduling

    The latest version of open source job scheduler Quartz supports fluent configuration API and monitoring and management of job scheduling actions. Terracotta recently announced the release of version 2.0 of the scheduler framework. The new version also offers two commercial modules - Quartz Manager and Quartz Where.

  • Dynamic Language Projects in Google Summer of Code, Ruby Summer of Code

    Summer's approaching - and with it the time for students to work on open source projects for a bounty. Old timer, Google Summer of Code, offers a few project ideas for Ruby programmers. There's also the Ruby Summer of Code, a community effort that'll sponsor 20 projects for Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We take a look at what's on offer for Ruby and other dynamic languages.

  • The Future of _why's Libraries such as Markaby and Hpricot

    With the sudden disappearance of _why, some popular libraries as Markaby, Hpricot and others are orphaned. We look at the effort to find maintainers for some, and at replacements for other libraries.

  • Chef Configuration and Provisioning Tool Announced

    Chef, a new Ruby-based configuration and provisioning tool, has been announced. Chef offers integration with multiple tools and platforms across extended networks, using "cookbooks" to define how to install and update applications across large networks like large web server farms, or cloud-computing platforms.

  • Interview: John Lam on IronRuby, Microsoft and Open Source

    In this interview from RubyFringe, John Lam talks about his work on IronRuby and how Microsoft is approaching Open Source software development.

  • OSS, SOA and Web 2.0 in the e-Commerce sector

    People have thought of establishing a relationship between SOA and Web 2.0 for quite some time yet these two cultures are generally failing to cross-pollinate. InfoQ spoke with Marc Osofsky and Dave Gynn from Optaros, a consulting company which is delivering solutions using Open Source, SOA and Web 2.0. We discussed enterprise-readyness, component selection and rapid delivery methodology.

  • Ruby.NET moves to open source community model

    The team of the (Gardens Point) Ruby.NET compiler announced that it'll start working towards opening their project to outside committers.

  • Is Open Source an Anathema for .NET?

    An anathema is anything laid up or suspended; or in the Greek usage: set apart as sacred or laid up in a temple. Much like the definition of anathema, the Open Source community and the .NET community have been seemingly at odds since .NET's inception. If the past year is proof, the philosophies of Open Source are taking hold in the .NET community.

  • Working with Mingle

    InfoQ had some time with Mingle project engineer Jay Wallace, to use ThoughtWorks' much anticipated Mingle software and demonstrate to us how it differentiates itself from other products by being a truly agile project management tool.

  • Mono 1.2 release with thoughts from Miguel de Icaza

    Last week Mono hit its 1.2 release. Novell uses Mono in server form for both ZenWorks and iFolder in its Suse Linux Enterprise 10 platform. This release was primarily focused on performance and scalability improvements. Enhancements can be found across the board in support for Windows Forms and System.Drawing, .NET 2.0 parity in C#, and debugger support for both X86 and X64.

  • Apache Synapse Announces Milestone 2 Release

    Apache Synapse is a lightweight Web Services and XML broker based on Apache Axis2 and Axiom. Synapse has the ability to route, transform and log messages passing through it. Synapse has reached Milestone 2 and is now available to the community.

  • Canadian Firm Posts Bounty for New Rails Database Support

    ICI, a stainless steel truck accessory business in Canada, today announced a 900USD bounty to the first person to deliver ODBTP support for Rails. ODBTP (Open Database Transport Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol ideal for connecting Linux-based programs to ODBC data sources on Windows servers.