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  • Java News Roundup: JDK 22 RC2, Multiple Releases in the Spring Ecosystem, Payara Platform

    This week's Java roundup for February 19th, 2024, features news highlighting: JDK 22 in release candidate 2, the February 2024 edition of the Payara Platform, numerous milestone and point releases in the Spring ecosystem, multiple releases of Apache Tomcat and Log4j and Gradle 8.7-RC1.

  • Java 18 is Now Available

    Oracle has released version 18 of the Java programming language and virtual machine with a final feature set that includes nine JEPs. This release features JEPs that provide continued contribution toward Project Amber, Project Loom and Project Panama along with some useful new tools.

  • JDK 18 and JDK 19: What We Know So Far

    JDK 18, the first non-LTS release since JDK 17, has reached its initial release candidate phase with a final set of nine new features, in the form of JEPs, that can be separated into three categories: Core Java Library, Java Tools and Java Specification. We examine JDK 18 and predict what features may be targeted for JDK 19.