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  • Fitness Functions to Ensure Architectural Goals Are Met

    With fitness-function-driven development, we can write tests that measure a system’s alignment with architectural goals, similar to how we use test-driven development (TDD) to verify that features conform to desired business outcomes, Paula Paul and Rosemary Wang write in a blog post, describing the basic ideas of fitness functions and how architecture qualities can be verified.

  • The Evolution of Full Cycle Developers at Netflix: Greg Burrell at QCon SF

    At QCon San Francisco, Greg Burrell talked about the journey towards “full cycle developers” within the Netflix edge engineering team. Following the principle of “operate what you build”, developers within this team chose to take on more operational responsibility for their services, and were facilitated by comprehensive tooling, training and management support.

  • Full Cycle Developers at Netflix: from Mindsets to Self-Service Tooling

    The Netflix Tech Blog has shared the story of the “Edge Engineering” team’s journey of experimenting with approaches to building and operating services, which has culminated in “Full Cycle Developers”. This approach is showing promise with Netflix, where developers are responsible for certain operational aspects of service delivery, and are supported through a range of self-service tooling.

  • Trunk Based Development as a Cornerstone for Continuous Delivery

    Dave Farley, co-author of the pivotal Continuous Delivery book, recently wrote about push-back to the practice of trunk based development, despite evidence of its role in achieving the benefits of CI and high performing teams. Jez Humble, his co-author, also commented in a twitter-thread on the cultural aspects of the practice to understand its relation to programmer psyche.


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