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  • AWS CodePipeline Embraces Monorepos, GitFlow and Branches

    AWS has announced new features in CodePipeline, their managed continuous delivery service facilitating automated release pipelines for application and infrastructure updates. These additions aim to support teams employing various delivery strategies, providing customers with more flexibility in their pipeline designs.

  • Programming Observability: Measuring the Maturity of Observability as Code

    Observability can be programmed and automated with observability as code. A maturity model can be used to measure and improve the adoption of observability as code implementation. Yury Niño Roa, cloud infrastructure engineer at Google, spoke about programming observability at InfoQ live August 2022.

  • How Amazon Teams Do Continuous Delivery

    An AWS engineer recently wrote about how Amazon deployment pipelines look and what practices they follow to deploy continuously to production. A pipeline validates changes in multiple environments running unit and integration tests, and use stages to stagger deployments to production. Teams don't actively examine deployments as the pipeline monitors key metrics and can rollback if needed.

  • CloudBees Releases Official Jenkins X Distribution

    CloudBees has released its official Jenkins X distribution, a CI/CD tool for cloud-native Kubernetes applications based on the GitOps approach. CloudBees will take the essential features from the open-source code with a monthly release cadence. This initial release supports GKE, pipelines, vault integration, and preview environments; additional features like DevPods will come in a future version.

  • Five Initiatives to Modernize Jenkins and Kill the "Jenkinsteins"

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of Jenkins and CTO at CloudBees, spoke last month at Jenkins World in Nice about five on-going initiatives to modernize the popular CI/CD tool. The initiatives revolve around Jenkins Evergreen, Jenkins Pipeline (Blue Ocean), Jenkins Configuration-as-Code, Jenkins X, and Cloud-Native Jenkins.

  • Test Driven Containerized Build Pipelines in ConcourseCI

    A Lead Developer at Thoughtworks shared his team’s experience in rewriting the build pipeline for one of their clients. They migrated from Jenkins to ConcourseCI, with a focus on configuration-as-code, pipeline-driven delivery, container support and visibility into the system.

  • Patterns and Practices for Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

    Christian Deger, chief architect at RIO – a Brand of Volkswagen Truck & Bus, recently shared a set of patterns and practices for implementing cloud native continuous delivery at the Continuous Lifecycle Conference in London.