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  • The Top Five Challenges of Building Software Platforms in the Agile World

    When scaling Agile to the enterprise new concerns arise that require revisiting the values and practices of Agile software development. One such concern relates to a common strategy to achieve reuse at the enterprise level - building software platforms. This article lists the top five challenges that an Agile organization should expect to face when deciding to adopt a software platform strategy.

  • Catching up with Nuxeo: Switching from Python to Java

    Back in 2006 InfoQ covered a story about Nuxeo, an open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) specialist company, who had announced that it was changing its core technology platform from Python to Java. Four years on we caught up with Eric Barroca, CEO at Nuxeo, to find out how that conversion went, and to explore their new technology stack and position in the ECM industry.

  • Interview and Book Excerpt: Dave Klein's Grails A Quick-Start Guide

    In this book review of Grails A Quick-Start Guide, InfoQ spoke with author Dave Klein about the best practices when using Grails for web application development, Meta Object Protocol (MOP) feature in Groovy, and tool support for developing web applications using Grails framework.

  • Is PHP Ready for the Enterprise?

    Although PHP boasts of being the most widely used environment for web application development, it has been traditionally considered as not suitable for the enterprise. InfoQ has conducted a virtual panel regarding the evolution of the language/platform and its suitability in enterprise environments.

  • Development Platforms for Mobile Applications: Status and Trends

    In this IEEE article, authors Damianos Gavalas and Daphne Economou discuss four application platforms for mobile devices. The platforms discussed are Java Mobile Edition (Java ME), .NET Compact Framework (CF), Adobe Flash Lite, and Android. The article also includes a mobile-game case study to compare these platforms with respect to development effort and time as well as technical issues.


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