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InfoQ Homepage Presentations 3 Mobile App Development Problems and Ways to Solve Them

3 Mobile App Development Problems and Ways to Solve Them



Frank Krueger discusses 3 mobile application development problems: failing network connection, multiple UIs, and bugs, presenting strategies for solving them.


Frank Krueger has been programming for 13 years, mostly on Windows. Past projects include embedded engine management system development, scientific simulators, tooling for graphics and game developers, online retail, and control software for naval ships. Today he is most excited about the mobile platform and opportunities for advancing the state of the art of the human-machine interface.

About the conference

Monospace provides developers a unique look at running their applications across all the platforms using Microsoft's .NET Framework by focusing on the Mono framework and open source .NET technologies. We will start with 2 days of talks and sessions, aiming to teach the attendees about the various technologies and innovations that currently exists. We will then end with a one day open space unconference where dialogs and conversations will help kick start the next wave of open source projects that will help the community remain competitive.

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Nov 08, 2011