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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Beyond Ninjas: DOM Manipulation with ClojureScript and Domina

Beyond Ninjas: DOM Manipulation with ClojureScript and Domina



Luke VanderHart introduces Domina – DOM manipulation library –, explaining a new way of writing dynamic web pages.


Luke VanderHart is a professional software developer and consultant, and co-author of Practical Clojure (Apress, 2010). He has extensive experience in large government and industry teams as well as small, agile and open-source projects. He is the author of Domina (a DOM manipulation library for ClojureScript), as well as being a contributor to Clojure and ClojureScript.

About the conference

Clojure/West is a new conference bringing the Clojure community together to discuss techniques, tools, and the state of the Clojure ecosystem March 16-17th for three tracks of sessions. Prior to the conference, register for three days of training by the Clojure experts.

Recorded at:

Oct 04, 2012

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