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Cloud 2017: Cloud Architectures in 5 Years
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| by Mark Holdsworth Follow 0 Followers , Richard Davies Follow 0 Followers , Andrew Phillips Follow 0 Followers , Patrick Debois Follow 0 Followers , Martijn Verburg Follow 0 Followers on Jun 01, 2012 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in London, Mar 4 - 6, 2019. Join us!

Andrew Phillips, Mark Holdsworth, Martijn Verburg, Patrick Debois, and Richard Davies review the evolution of cloud computing so far and consider further developments for the next 5 years.


Andrew Phillips is Product Manager of Deployit at XebiaLabs. Mark Holdsworth is a developer consulting with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Martijn Verburg is the CTO of TeamSparq. Patrick Debois first presented concepts on Agile Infrastructure at Agile 2008, and he organized the first DevopsDays in 2009. Richard Davies is CEO and co-founder of ElasticHosts.

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