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InfoQ Homepage Presentations With a Hammer in Your Hand… Elasticsearch

With a Hammer in Your Hand… Elasticsearch



Simon Willnauer introduces and demoes some of the main features of Elasticsearch.


Simon Willnauer (@s1m0nw) is an Apache Lucene core committer (since 2006), a co-founder of ElasticSearch and an Apache Software Foundation Member. A popular speaker at conferences in Germany, Europe and beyond, Simon is also the co-founder of the Berlin Buzzwords Conference. Simon’s main interests are performance optimizations, Information Retrieval and non-blocking / wait-free concurrency.

About the conference

Code Mesh London is an annual conference dedicated to non-mainstream languages and technologies. In 2013 it featured over 50 talks from experts in languages, libraries, operating systems and technologies that handle the programming and business challenges of today. Languages discussed include Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, Rust, Go and Julia.

Recorded at:

May 03, 2014