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Global Software Delivery with Distributed Agile



Matthew Simons and Steven Boswell consider that although distributed software development is hard, it is a strategic capability that a company should consider, presenting a framework and Agile practices that help building a healthy distributed environment.


Matthew Simons is the Director of Offshore Demand for ThoughtWorks Americas and he has consulted with many organizations around the world to help them optimize the effectiveness of their distributed teams. Steven Boswell is a Director of IT at Gap Inc Direct currently leading the near-shore development efforts with ThoughtWorks Brazil. He has been an Agile practitioner and champion since 2004.

About the conference

ThoughtWorks recently began hosting events for Business and IT Leaders as well as technology practitioners to share insight and best practice across the industry. The briefings and the Exec Breakfast series are all grounded in reality - speakers are active practitioners, passionate about their work. The events focus on technology in relation to business issues, rather than being deeply technical.

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Oct 21, 2010