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The 90 Minute Guide to Agile – What, Why, How



Allan Kelly explains What Agile is, Why companies are adopting it in increasing numbers and How it works, providing suggestions on how to start an Agile initiative and how to do things right.


Allan Kelly is London based and works for Software Strategy where he provides training and consulting in Agile practices and bespoke development services. He is the author of 'Business Patterns for Software Developers' (2012) and 'Changing Software Development: Learning to become Agile' (2008). He is also the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.

About the conference

Building on its thriving tech and startup community, SyncNorwich presents SyncConf 2013, a one-day Agile and Tech Conference in the heart of Norfolk. Syncing local and international speakers, ideas and investors.

Recorded at:

Jun 06, 2013