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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Performance Tuning for Apache Tomcat

Performance Tuning for Apache Tomcat



Mark Thomas, a member of the Apache Tomcat PMC, explains the tuning process for Tomcat, JVM and the applications running on them considering different usage patterns, hardware and network configurations.


Mark Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource where he leads the integration of Tomcat with tc Server. Mark has been using and developing Apache Tomcat for more than five years. He is a Tomcat committer and PMC member, he created the Tomcat security pages, became a member of the ASF and joined the Apache Security Committee.

About the conference

SpringOne is the annual conference for the global Spring community held in both Europe and the Americas. SpringOne Europe 2009 focused on the emerging technologies and best practices around the Spring Framework and enterprise software development. The event featured the project founders, core committers, authors, consultants, project leads, and professional trainers.

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Aug 16, 2009