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Agile Value Delivery



Tom Gilb keynotes on 10 key Agile principles: Control projects by quantified critical-few results, Give developers freedom, Estimate the impacts of your designs, Involve the stakeholders, etc.


Tom Gilb is, by most leading Agile method leaders, considered the 'grandfather' of agile techniques, primarily via his book 'Principles of Software Engineering Management', and much earlier publications. He is cited by many of the Agile community leaders (Sutherland, Cohn, Beck, Martin, Cunningham, Highsmith, Ambler, Larman, Ladas) as foundational for their past ideas.

About the conference

Agile Cambridge is England's premiere practical, hands-on Agile software development conference, set in picturesque Cambridge. The sold-out 2014 conference featured Tom Gilb, Portia Tung, Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman as Keynotes and hosted 37 other sessions across 3 days of agile-focussed collaboration and peer-based learning.

Recorded at:

Apr 17, 2015