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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Changing the World or a Passing Fad – What is Agile?

Changing the World or a Passing Fad – What is Agile?



Simon Powers explores Agile as a reflection of how people think about themselves and the world around them, and how agility is impacting their lives, businesses, and the society.


Simon Powers is an expert in holistically and incrementally evolving organizations to better succeed with business objectives. As founder and head of Adventures with Agile consultancy, Simon focuses on exec coaching, mentoring, and training, and regularly speaks at business conferences on organizational change strategy. He is winner of multiple Agile awards, and has written several articles.

About the conference

Agile Tour London is a conference about Agile in general, where agilists of any background can meet and exchange ideas. Join us for Agile Tour London 2017, dive into hands-on workshops and engaging talks, exchange ideas with fellow agilists and meet some amazing speakers. Whether you are an agile newbie or been in the industry for years, this is the definitive agile conference you can't afford to miss.

Recorded at:

Jun 30, 2018