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A Connector, a Container and an API Walk into a Bar



Steven Willmott discusses how APIs and other technologies are contributing to the programmable world, and how to think about what we're trying to achieve and the best practices needed to succeed.


Steven Willmott is a Senior Director and Head of API Infrastructure at Red Hat. He was previously the CEO of 3scale Inc, one of the worlds leading API Management providers and now part of Red Hat. His background spans distributed systems, Web Services, SOA and APIs. He is a founding member of the Open API Initiative, the API Strategy and Practice conference, API Commons and APIs.json.

About the conference

APIdays is the largest Australian conference dedicated to the business and technology of Web APIs. It brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists to discuss, collaborate and learn about building the platforms that support new business models.

Recorded at:

May 06, 2017

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  • You Forget the Achitectural Cross Cutting Concern Caused by the I/O State Binding

    by Owen Rubel,

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    I talked about this at SpringOne, APIDays and APIWorld and Netflix APIManager once stated 'this fixes everything we are having issues with'.

    The original API pattern created in the 70's that we base the web pattern off of, binds communication data/logic to the controller in the API Service making it impossible to share this data in the architecture with other services without duplication.

    Take the api gateway for example. It can only duplicate the data from the endpoints and does not synchronize them. Thus if the data is ever out of synch, it is PUSHING incorrect datapoints and information through the entire architecture.

    The proper way is redefined through a series of talks and implementations I have shared with companies l Mashery/Tibco, VMWare, Amazon, Apple and others:

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p