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BDD Using Cucumber JVM and Groovy



Marco Vermeulen explains using Cucumber and Groovy to apply BDD to a project, using Gherkin for writing scenarios, Groovy for step definitions, Spock for new features, and running Cucumber features.


Marco Vermeulen has been developing Java for over 10 years, and also Groovy with Grails for the past 5. He is passionate about writing high quality software, driven and guided by tests. He has successfully used BDD in the the Enterprise as well as on Open Source projects. He is also the author of GVM (the Groovy enVironment Manager) and is currently consulting as a Software Developer in London.

About the conference

GR8Conf US is a conference dedicated to Groovy, Grails, Griffon and other GR8 technologies in Minneapolis, MN.

Recorded at:

Jan 03, 2014