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Great Teams Start with Great People, Goals, and Practices... but Is that Enough?
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| by Andrew Stellman Follow 0 Followers on Mar 06, 2014 |

Andrew Stellman affirms that having great teams with a collaborative mindset takes more than great people, visionary leaders and good organizers, providing insights into what needs to be added.


Andrew Stellman @AndrewStellman is a bestselling O'Reilly author, developer, architect, speaker, agile coach, and project manager. He has been a VP at a major investment bank, architected large-scale real-time back end systems, managed large international software teams, and consulted for companies, schools, and organizations, including Microsoft, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and MIT.

Stretch will feature innovative, resourceful, and inspirational leaders sharing their real world stories on their success (and sometimes their failures). They will talk about the challenges of building successful teams and leading organizations. Get inspired by stories from companies that have got the most out of the people that work for them in the face of every conceivable (and inconceivable) challenge out there.