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Collaboration and Alignment Towards a Common Purpose



Shen Yang discusses how Rally Software scales Agile through "Big Room Planning" which helps surface all problems and dependencies and enables decisions to be made and actions to be taken in real time.


Shen Yang has over 6 years Agile experiences and has been through various Agile roles such as software developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Program Manager. He is a strong believer in Agile values and sees Agile as the right approach to software development. He is now an Agile Coach of Rally Software (now CA Technologies). He is passionate about helping teams get started with Agile.

About the conference

Agile Tour Singapore 2015 is a two-day technology and business conference for managers, executives, developers, coaches and consultants who want to collaborate and learn from local agile practitioners about Agile experiences in Singapore and the region. You will find the finest knowledge, resources and people at Agile Tour Singapore 2015.

Recorded at:

Apr 26, 2016