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Don’t Trust Your Brain



Paolo Perrotta discusses the difficulties encountered while learning a new and quite different programming language, in his case Clojure, comparing it with Java and Ruby.


Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta has more than ten years of experience as a developer and a writer. He worked for domains ranging from embedded to enterprise software, computer games, and web applications. He describes himself as an "Agile Coach, Rubyist, Generic Italian Guy, author of Metaprogramming Ruby".

About the conference

Joy of Coding is a one-day conference that celebrates the art, craft, science but foremost the joy of software development. It is a day for talking and collaborating with like-minded coders. The conference is not targeted towards a particular language or platform: any software developer that wants to learn, share and improve is invited.

Recorded at:

May 30, 2013