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Domain Service Aggregators: A Structured Approach to Microservice Composition
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| by Caoilte O'Connor Follow 0 Followers on Apr 22, 2015 |

Caoilte O'Connor explains how and when the Domain Service Aggregator Archetype can help, using the architectural evolution of "Video on Demand" in a broadcast company as a working example.


Caoilte O'Connor is a developer at ITV, the UK's largest Commercial Terrestrial TV Network. He has spent the last 18 months carrying out digital archaeology on the accumulated strata left by successive Enterprise Service Bus implementations. His team has recently begun rolling out a new generation of TV apps and websites based on a Microservices Architecture.

Micro Services are a new paradigm for software architecture: small services in separated processes take the place of large applications. This way monolithic architecture can be avoided, and systems are easily scalable and changeable. The microXchg conference looks at a variety of aspects of Micro Services.