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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Duetto: C++ as the Platform Language for the Web

Duetto: C++ as the Platform Language for the Web



Alessandro Pignotti introduces Duetto, a C++ compiler that enables developers to write full client-server Web applications in standard C++ and to port existing C++ codebases to the Web.


Alessandro Pignotti (@alexpignotti) is co-founder and chief developer at Leaning Technologies Ltd working on Duetto, a C++ compiler for the Web. He is a huge fan of C++ and open-source.

About the conference

mloc.js 2014 is a conference for people interested in the future of the language and the platform, the possibilites of JavaScript on the web and on the server side. For people doing or planning to do big JavaScript projects. And for people would like to see how is it possible to improve JavaScript by making it smarter, faster and sexy.

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Jul 24, 2014