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Practical Workflows with Git LFS



Tim Pettersen covers Git LFS internals & architecture, CLI usage, team workflows and how to use it with Eclipse EGit, providing practical advice for those interested in using Git LFS.


Tim Pettersen is a veteran Atlassian developer with eight years of service across the JIRA, FishEye/Crucible, Bitbucket Server and Cloud teams. He speaks and blogs about developer workflows, git, continuous integration/deployment, Java and Atlassian's developer tools. Alumni and speaker at EclipseCon EU '14 and NA '15.

About the conference

EclipseCon is all about community. Contributors, adopters, extenders, service providers, consumers and business and research organizations gather to share their expertise and learn from each other. EclipseCon delivers networking opportunities that lead to synergies in the community, as well as opportunities to give and receive help on specific technical issues or to generate business opportunities.

Recorded at:

May 12, 2016