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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Distributed Java Systems in Minutes with Hazelcast

Distributed Java Systems in Minutes with Hazelcast



David Brimley introduces Hazelcast, an open-source distributed Java in-memory container that allows multiple processes to share data using standard Java APIs such as Maps, Sets and Lists. It is possible to run queries, aggregations and map reduce tasks using the Hazelcast API.


David Brimley is a Senior Solutions Architect for Hazelcast, he helps companies get the best out of in memory data grids. Previously David has held senior engineering positions at firms such as Credit Suisse, HSBC, Nomura and Royal Bank of Scotland. During this time he became familiar with IMDG products such as Pivotal Gemfire and Oracle Coherence.

About the conference

The Docklands.JLC is a community for Java developers and those with an interest in the JVM to get together monthly in the Docklands. The Docklands.LJC is proud to be part of the London Java Community.

Recorded at:

Feb 02, 2016