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InfoQ Homepage Presentations A Distributed Transactional Database on Hadoop

A Distributed Transactional Database on Hadoop



John Leach explains using HBase co-processors to support a full ANSI SQL RDBMS without modifying the core HBase source, showing how Hadoop/HBase can replace traditional RDBMS solutions.


With over 15 years of software experience under his belt, John Leach’s expertise in analytics and BI drives his role as Chief Technology Officer of Splice Machine. Prior to Splice Machine, John founded Incite Retail in June 2008 and led the company’s strategy and development efforts. At Incite Retail, he built custom big data systems (leveraging HBase and Hadoop) for Fortune 500 companies.

About the conference

This one-day event focused on practical business applications of Hadoop and technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem. Industry thought leaders shared emerging trends and best practices with users and developers to deliver valuable insights from some of today's most successful Hadoop deployments.

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Jan 02, 2015