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Innovation in the Enterprise: The Intrapreneurs behind the Scene
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| by Debbie Madden on Oct 23, 2013 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in New York Jun 26-30, 2017. Join us!

Debbie Madden discusses the types of attributes intrapreneurs have in common, how one can identify an intrapreneur, and what can be done to impact technical innovation from a human perspective?

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For 17 years, Debbie Madden has helped grow tech companies from the ground up and is currently the Executive Vice President at Cyrus Innovation. Before Cyrus, Debbie flexed her entrepreneurial muscles by founding Fetch-a-Flick, Manhattan's only door-to-door DVD and snack delivery service back in 2002. She is the organizer of NY Intrapreneur: Innovation in the Enterprise.

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