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IoT and Microservices in the Home
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| by Fred George Follow 4 Followers on Nov 06, 2017 |

Fred George explores the use of asynchronous microservices to implement a home IoT environment of heterogeneous devices, including lights and motion sensors on a J2ME­-like environment.


Fred George is an industry consultant, and has been writing code for over 46 years in over 70 languages. He started ThoughtWorks University in Bangalore, India, based on a commercial programming training program he developed in the 90s. An early adopter of OO and Agile, Fred continues to impact the industry with his leading edge ideas, most recently advocating Microservice Architectures.

Micro Services are a new paradigm for software architecture: small services in separated processes take the place of large applications. This way monolithic architecture can be avoided, and systems are easily scalable and changeable. The microXchg conference looks at a variety of aspects of Micro Services.