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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix

Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix



Susheel Aroskar talks about Zuul Push, a scalable push notification service that handles millions of "always-on" persistent connections from all the Netflix apps running. He covers the design of the Zuul Push server and reviews the design details of the back-end message routing infrastructure that lets any Netflix microservice push notifications to any connected client.


Susheel Aroskar works as a software engineer on the Cloud Gateway team at Netflix, which develops and operates Zuul, an API gateway that fronts all of the Netflix cloud traffic and handles more than 100 billion requests/day. Prior to Zuul, he worked on Netflix CDN's control plane in the cloud, which is responsible for steering more than a third of all North American peak evening internet traffic.

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Aug 14, 2018