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Agility - Not Enough? Too Much? Trying to Find Just Right



Tim Lister discusses which departments of an organization can have much benefit from Agile and which will benefit a little or have an increased risk if using Agile.


Tim Lister is a software consultant at the Atlantic Systems Guild, Inc., based in the New York office. Tim is a co-author with his Guild partners of Adrenalin Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior. He is also co-author with Tom DeMarco of Waltzing With Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects. Tim is a member of the A.C.M and a Lifetime member of the I.E.E.E.

About the conference

2½ days of authentic short stories and facilitated deep dives on business agility; focusing on organisational design, market disruption and product innovation, agile outside IT and next-gen leadership.

Recorded at:

Apr 01, 2017