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InfoQ Homepage Presentations After Acceptance: Reasoning about System Outputs

After Acceptance: Reasoning about System Outputs



Stefanos Zachariadis talks about some techniques for bringing our testing to production. He shows how to sanity check a live system using end-to-end testing, limiting interference with real user interactions and outputs. Finally, he suggests ways to observe and integrate real production data into a continuous delivery pipeline and assert on the validity of the production system's outputs.


Stefanos Zachariadis is an independent developer at motocode ltd and the coder behind CycleMaps. His career has taken various twists and turns: from academia to writing satellite software for the European Space Agency; test automation for various banks, leading up to writing low latency code that can process 50,000 orders a second on a single CPU core as a team lead for LMAX Exchange.

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Jun 20, 2017