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Anit Shrestha Manandhar

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Test Infected Design Thinking LEAN DevSecOps
Anit Shrestha Manandhar blogs at https://codeanit.coom


Experience Worked primarily in LAMP, .NET, Javascript since 2008 Implemented fundamentals of basic software development to fine-tune agile development processes Re-engineered monolith perplexing codes in enterprise scale applications Managed multiple cross-platforms small(3-7) teams to deliver quality works on time Rescued many dying mismanaged projects being lead developer and sometimes the only developer Helped startups to launch products successfully Played a role as a guide in the development of few Android and iOS apps Helped many developers become software engineers Career Snapshot As a software engineering manager, created an autonomous and agile software development culture As a tech lead, reengineered cross platform global remittance/merchandising solutions As lead software engineer, completed back end applications of ACH processing system As senior software engineer, delivered many eCommerce projects As software engineer, developed web based travel and tourism MIS application What I Believe "Code without tests is bad code. It doesn’t matter how well written it is; it doesn’t matter how pretty or object-oriented or well-encapsulated it is. With tests, we can change the behavior of our code quickly and verifiably. Without them, we really don’t know if our code is getting better or worse." - Michael Feathers The fundamental characteristics of an efficient software engineer are understanding of data structures, algorithms, design principles/patterns with end to end automation thinking. "The greatest enemy of learning is knowing" - John Maxwell


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