Prototype 1.6 RC Includes DOM Builder and Event API Overhaul

by Scott Delap on  Aug 20, 2007

Earlier this month the Prototype team released the first RC of 1.6.0. This release contains a number of core API upgrades, bug fixes, and new features. The Event API has been overhauled and a new DOM Builder API has also been added.

Picking an Ajax Framework

by Scott Delap on  May 03, 2007 5

Dr. Dobbs is currently featuring a case study of the Ajax framework selection process of a development team at T. Rowe Price. The article considers GWT, Dojo, Prototype/Scriptaculous, and Yahoo UI Library.

Interview with's Dion Almaer

by Floyd Marinescu on  Feb 26, 2007 5

In this interview Ajaxian cofounder Dion Almaer talks about the state of Ajax development today. Among the items he discusses are the history of how Ajax came to be, which frameworks he recommends developers consider, and tooling/debuggins support. Almaer also talks about security and general design considerations that need to be respected when creating Ajax enabled applications.

Interview: Rails and JavaScript Wizards

by Obie Fernandez on  Feb 23, 2007

Thomas Fuchs, author of the massively popular Scriptaculous JavaScript library and Michael Buffington, well-known Rails programmer and author of the surprise hit online-game Unroll ( have a casual conversation with Obie Fernandez about the power of mixing JavaScript with Ruby on Rails and smart development.

Prototype Releases Version 1.5, New Website, and Documentation

by Scott Delap on  Jan 18, 2007 3

The popular Prototype Javascript framework has released version 1.5 including a new website an online documentation.

Ajax Framework Comparison Tools article

by Rob Thornton on  Dec 15, 2006 1

A new article on BEA's Dev2Dev site provides a way to sort through the numerous Ajax frameworks that are available today. The goal of the technique is to make it easier to understand the distinctions between the various frameworks by placing them on a set of axes including declarative versus procedural and client-centric versus server-centric.

moo.fx 2.0 released with Fx.Style while Animator.js avoids inheritance

by Rob Thornton on  Nov 07, 2006 1

moo.fx 2.0 has been released featuring new effects to modify any CSS property, the color properties of elements, and to internally scroll long divs. An interesting alternative not using inheritance but providing similar functionality is the Animator.js library. moo.fx and Animator.js are JavaScript effects frameworks designed for speed, robustness, and small size.

Prototype the most popular Ajax framework across Java, .NET, & Rails communities

by Floyd Marinescu on  Sep 27, 2006 4

According to recently released survey results from, prototype is the most popular ajax framework in use, by a large margin, followed by Scriptaculous (which is built on prototype). Java-based Dojo and DWR came in 3rd . Backend platforms were also surveyed, with PHP the most used for Ajax, followed by Java, .NET, and Rails.

An Open Source Ajax Shootout

by Scott Delap on  Aug 02, 2006 6

InfoWorld columnist Peter Wayner recently reviewed six of the most popular open source Ajax toolkits. He was curious if they were enterprise ready in comparison to commercial products such Backbase, JackBe, and Tibco's General Interface. The six open source projects covered were selected because each has a high-profile in the developer community and support of one or more stable organizations.

Beautiful JavaScript Windows and Dialogs for your Application

by Obie Fernandez on  Jun 02, 2006 2

French expert user-interface programmer Sebastien Gruhier releases latest version of his beautiful Prototype Windows code, based on Prototype and compatible with Scriptaculous effects.