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  • Talking Like a Suit - Communicating the Importance of Engineering Work in Business Terms

    This article explores how to construct engineering work as a story, including clearly presenting a problem, offering a solution, and showing the business a path to success that solves their problem and avoids failure. By presenting your case in this way, you significantly increase your chances of getting these engineering problems addressed, while also becoming a better partner for the business.

  • GitHub’s Journey from Monolith to Microservices

    This article explores GitHub's recent journey towards a microservices architecture. It takes a deeper look at GitHub’s historical and current state, goes over some internal and external factors, and discusses practical consideration points in how Github tackled their migration, including key concepts and best practices of implementing microservices architecture.

  • DEI Is Rooted in Justice: Stop Making it about Profit

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion practices exist for the betterment of every single person within a company from the ground floor to the glass ceilings. Don't build a case for diversity, equity, and inclusion. You are an establishment that depends on other humans to operate your business and bring success. Their sense of belonging, inclusion, and psychological safety is your direct responsibility.

  • Paving the Road to Production

    Coinbase has gotten much from its deploy pipelines. We deploy thousands of servers across hundreds of projects per day, to serve our millions of customers and their billions in assets. This article explores the journey Coinbase took to get where it is now, it describes their paved roads and how they've had to change over time in response to their company growing.

  • Leading during Times of High Uncertainty and Change

    To help teams succeed during uncertain times, leaders need to navigate different horizons; managing themselves and building strong relationships with their teams. Organisations need leadership at all levels. In order to be successful, leaders should develop skills for self-management, delegation, dealing with ambiguity, managing in all directions, systems thinking, and leading through context.

  • Server-Side Wasm: Today and Tomorrow - Q&A with Connor Hicks

    At QCon this year, Connor Hicks presented the opportunities linked to using Web Assembly outside of the browser. Hicks addressed current and future server-side use cases for WebAssembly. He explained how Wasm and its ecosystem allow developers to craft serverless applications by declaratively composing serverless functions written in different languages.