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Two-Part Series on Real-Time Java

by R.J. Lorimer on  Jul 27, 2008

Sun Developer Network is hosting a two-part article on real-time Java systems which covers threading, memory, and garbage-collection issues, and introduces the Sun Java RTS platform.

BEA announces Real Time 2.0, WebLogic Event Server

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Jun 06, 2007 1

BEA recently announced WebLogic Event Server, a Java application server designed for event-driven applications and WebLogic Real Time 2.0 a new release of BEA's real-time technology.

Java Goes Real Time

by Chris Greenlee on  May 09, 2007 2

Yesterday at Java One Sun finally announced the first implementation of JSR-1, the Real-time Specification for Java, since it was finalized in July of 2006.

Javolution Real-Time Library 4.0 Released

by Scott Delap on  Sep 26, 2006 2

The Javolution project has recently released version 4.0. Javolution is a real-time library aiming to make Java applications faster and more time predictable. The new version includes enhanced XML support and even faster object recycling.