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Q&A on the Book Scaling Teams by Ben Linders Posted on Feb 07, 2017 The book Scaling Teams by Alexander Grosse and David Loftesness provides strategies and practices for managing teams in fast growing organizations. It explores five areas which often pose challenges when organizations need to scale -- hiring, people management, organization, culture and communication -- and gives solutions for recognizing and dealing with those challenges.

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Agile in HR and HR in Agile - 2 Sides of the Same Coin in Agile Adoption by Jas Chong Posted on Mar 03, 2016 Jas Chong shares a case study focusing on HR aspects in the transition including team transition, change of roles, team recruitment, iterative recruitment, knowledge transfer and structuring change.

3 SHORT TALKS: What Do Techies Know about Recruitment? by Israel Boza Rodriguez Stefan Tilkov Paul Shannon Posted on Aug 30, 2013 The speakers tell stories on recruiting technical people: what they do, what drives their decisions, and why they feel it's important to leave recruitment completely in the hands of the HR department.