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Every API program needs a set of capabilities to manage the technical and business aspects. The set of capabilities vary for each program based on the criteria for success but with this survey we want to find out which of the following are most valued by API providers:

  • API Discovery (Catalog, Search and Provisioning)
  • API Security (SSL, PKI, threat protection, schema validation, encryption, signatures, etc)
  • API Identity (AuthN & AuthZ, API key, OAuth, SAML, LDAP, proprietary IAM, multifactor, token translation & management)
  • API Orchestration (adaptation of multiple services, workflow operations, branching policies, etc.)
  • Uniform interface/proxy to multiple backend messaging protocols (JMS, RMI etc)
  • Developer and App OnBoarding (Client ID/App Key generation, Interactive API console)
  • Community Management (Blogs, Forums, Social features etc)
  • API Lifecycle governance (Versioning)
  • Traffic Mediation (SOAP to REST mediation, data format transformation, legacy application integration)
  • Traffic Shaping( Rate limitation, Caching etc)
  • Analytics & Traffic Monitoring
  • API metering, Billing and Monetization
  • Data Protection(Data encryption, Data masking etc for PCI/PII compliance)
  • Mobile Optimization (Pagination, Compression, JSON etc)
  • Deployment Flexibility (on-premise, cloud, managed service, SaaS, hybrid)
  • Operational Integration (System Monitoring, Clustering, Scalability, Migration)
  • Mobile Integration (support for push notifications, geolocation, streaming protocols)
  • Cloud Integration (SSO to SaaS providers, IaaS integration, SaaS data connectors, hybrid cloud support)



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CloudGate API Management by Al Aghili

Check out CloudGate API management from Managed Methods. It's very versatile and it includes all the above capabilities and much more. It can be used both on premise or in the Cloud as a SaaS application.

IDE Integration by Viswanatha Basavalingappa

It is very imp to provide Seamless integration to most Mobile and Enterprise Development env like IDE (Eclipse ) Developer can consume Service and Artifacts easily...when they need it

WSo2 API Manager by Rashod Chamikara

Some features you got on WSO2 api manager

  • Graphical experience similar to Android Marketplace or Apple App Store.

  • Browse APIs by provider, tags or name.

  • Self-registration to developer community to subscribe to APIs.

  • Subscribe to APIs and manage subscriptions on per-application basis.

  • Attach documentation (files, external URLs) to APIs.

  • Apply Security policies to APIs (authentication, authorization).

  • Associate API available to system defined service tiers.

  • Provision and Manage API keys.

  • Track consumers per API.

API Management by David Valtorta

Here is an API Management that i've been using for my work for a while.

API management by gustavo hernan

3scale provides a hybrid , API traffic management on-premise, API administration, traffic reports and developer portal cloud based and full featured API Management solution.

WSO2 API Cloud by Rajith Siriwardana

WSO2 provides a complete solution for designing and publishing APIs and managing a developer community. ( WSO2 API Cloud is an enterprise-ready, self-service platform that enables you to expose business capabilities as managed APIs and leverage off-the-shelf potential for advertising and selling business APIs. The API Cloud supports all aspects of an API's life-cycle, from its creation to publication and retirement.

WSO2 API Cloud is powered by WSO2 API Manager and it provides some additional features which are pointed out by Rashod Chamikara in his comment above.

More information can be be found at

Note that WSO2 Cloud is a beta service at the moment.
WSO2 Cloud :

API Management - Real user reviews by Julia Frohwein

You might find it interesting to look at the IT Central Station community - real users have reviewed and rated all the top API Management tools. Currently ranked #1 is CA API Management:

This user writes: "the way the product is built was really good, we can ramp it up very fast in our organization." To read the rest of the review plus reviews of others in this space, click here:

Hope this is helpful.

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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