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InfoQ Homepage Research Hadoop ecosystem capabilities: What to add next?

Hadoop ecosystem capabilities: What to add next?


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The last 5 years the Hadoop ecosystem has expanded rapidly to satisfy for various production needs. Most recently a number of real-time workloads and tools have been brought to this new generation data processing and management platform. There are many perifer projects spinning up and some make it all the way, others stay in the perifer world.

If you had a say, what would you like to see as the next platform capability to be added to the platform. Equivalent to “real-time query” or “granular access control” which are two examples of most recent addition to the ecosystem.


  • Graph processing
  • Data scientist tools
  • Global resource management
  • Caching/In-memory storage
  • Granular security 
  • Support for transactional workloads
  • Better workload development tools
  • Better visibility