What are the Most Valuable Tools for HTML5 Development?

| by Dio Synodinos Follow 4 Followers on Jul 23, 2012 |

InfoQ's research widget has been deprecated. It should continue to work however, and we hope to relaunch it at some point in the future.

As the HTML5 features and functionality have been growing over the last few years, so have the tools that aim to make some of these powerful APIs more accesible and help developers be more productive. Either be it for prototyping, developing, debugging, testing or monitoring, there is a plethora of libraries, frameworks, tools and services a developer can choose from.

This is an InfoQ research question about which of these tools are most valuable to you.  Tell us how you see it and then compare that to the community average.



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Currently facing some technical difficulties by Dio Synodinos

We're currently facing some technical difficulties with our registration mechanism, so  a large number of users that tried to vote (>300) may have ended up with an error message. We apologise for the inconvenience and we're trying to get the system working as soon as possible.

JSLint by Victor Homyakov

Typo in "Most popular choices are JSHint, JLint, etc." - JLint is for Java.

Re: JSLint by Dio Synodinos

Good catch, thanks for the feedback Victor!

Re: Currently facing some technical difficulties by Dio Synodinos

Our voting system is working again, since the 3rd party identity provider we were using has resolved its issues. We apologize for any inconvenience and we're working hard to add more identity providers in the next following days, in order to avoid having a single point of failure in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

That's just sooo one-sided.... by Adam Nemeth

I won't go into what problems I have with the tool as a software, let's just concentrate on the questions.

First off, we should distinguish HTML5 and EcmaScript 5.

Second, most of the things aren't new, it's only that people outside serious javascript development didn't know about it:
- we had established build tools in 2006
- screenshot services were also common by then
- text editors were invented in the 70s (vim - which I use - originates from 1972)
- CSS macro languages are also nothing new, and have nothing to do with HTML5 or ES5.

Third, and what's the most disturbing, the overlap is huge:
- Unit testing frameworks vs BDD
- Code quality tools vs build tools (jslint/jshint is mostly part of builds)
- Remote browser automation vs cloud testing vs headless testing
- cloud testing vs automated sshot services
- CSS meta languages vs JS meta languages (which are called compilers for some reason; coffeescript or dart is a meta-language; a JS (JIT) compiler is V8 or JagerMonkey)

Only one single question deals with HTML5 itself, namely, the graphics editor.

No questions deal with mobile development, despite the fact that HTML5 is perhaps the easiest way to go when you want cross-platform mobile apps.

What will be the result, how could this be interpreted?

What if half the voters didn't read that you didn't mean JS Compilers by JS Compilers, you mean something totally different? What if the other half did read this?

What will be the meaning between correlation of unit testing frameworks and BDD folks? Or Unit testing vs cloud testing?

Other than connecting my CV to my InfoQ accont - which is perfectly fine, but I don't see why should I vote in order to do that - what outcome could be from this?

Re: That's just sooo one-sided.... by Victor Homyakov

> jslint/jshint is mostly part of builds
Disagree. Integrating JSLint/JSHint with JS editor in IDE gives much more effect, especially when you can see validation results instantly as you typing (for example look at Aptana).

Re: Currently facing some technical difficulties by Victor Homyakov

So in order to vote I should be registered not only on InfoQ, but also somewhere else (currently at LinkedIn)? Why?

Re: Currently facing some technical difficulties by Dio Synodinos

The voting widget has been developed as a completely separate service, eg similar to Disqus, so that in the future we'll be able to embed it in any page we like without having any dependencies with the InfoQ CMS. For example you will be able to embed it directly in your own blog.

For speeding up our launch we decided to use only LI as an identity provider. We'll be launching more identity providers in the following days (Google, Twitter, Facebook), and eventually we'll try to have current accounts work seamlessly with the voting system. Maybe using InfoQ as an OpenID provider, but this is not decided yet.

Just for the record, you don't need an InfoQ account t vote now. Only LI.

A "funny" story from the launch day is that the token API from went off a few hours after our launch, which left around 350 people that clicked on the vote button, unable to login and cast their vote.

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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