JRuby Roundup: 1.1.3, rcov4jr, Rubinius MVM and FFI

by Werner Schuster on  Jul 23, 2008

JRuby 1.1.3 was released with Gems 1.2, improved performance, and many other fixes. Meanwhile the library support for JRuby increases, with a JRuby version of rcov in the works, as well as ports of Rubinius' Foreign Function Interface (FFI) and its MVM API.

Engine Yard Closes $15 Million in Series B Financing

by Mirko Stocker on  Jul 13, 2008

Investment from New Enterprise Associates,, and Benchmark Capital to help company keep position as leading Rails in cloud provider.

Introducing the Ruby Benchmark Suite

by Mirko Stocker on  Jun 16, 2008 1

Antonio Cangiano started the Ruby Benchmark Suite project, which aims to collect a comprehensive set of benchmarks that users and implementers of Ruby can use to compare different implementations. We talked to Antonio about his plans and he gave us a timeframe for the next Ruby shootout.

Ruby VM Roundup: IronRuby runs Rails, Ruby 1.8.7 released, Rubinius inlining experiments

by Werner Schuster on  Jun 01, 2008

Big news just in: John Lam claims IronRuby runs Rails. In other Ruby VM news, the Rubinius team is experimenting with method inlining. Also: Ruby 1.8.7 has been released.

Rubinius runs Rails, Merb

by Werner Schuster on  May 17, 2008

A major milestone for Rubinius: Rails, ActiveRecord and Merb have successfully been run on Rubinius.

MagLev: Gemstone builds Ruby runtime based on Smalltalk VM

by Werner Schuster on  Apr 30, 2008

OODB vendor Gemstone works on a Ruby VM called MagLev. Working with Seaside's and DabbleDB's Avi Bryant, Gemstone bases the Ruby runtime on their Smalltalk VM to offer performance and powerful persistence features. We talked to Avi Bryant and Gemstone's Bob Walker about the technology behind MagLev and the plans for it.

Ruby Implementations Roundup: Ruby Spec, New Design Meetings, Rubinius uses C++

by Werner Schuster on  Apr 29, 2008

Busy times for Ruby implementors recently, with regular design meetings set up (next one 30th April). The work on a Ruby Spec is continuing - with projects in GSoC and plans for continous integration for Ruby 1.8.x set up. Rubinius switched from C to C++ to implement it's core VM, but continues to use Ruby as implementation language.

MountainWest RubyConf 2008 Videos

by Mirko Stocker on  Apr 23, 2008

The videos from MountainWest RubyConf 2008 are all available for downloading from the Confreaks website. We selected a few videos and provide an overview and some entry points into the talks.

Ruby and Git Roundup: Rails, Rubyforge, APIs

by Werner Schuster on  Apr 09, 2008 1

Ruby on Rails is just one of many Ruby projects moving its repository to GitHub. We take a look at the Git news in the Ruby space, such as RubyForge's new Git repositories, new Git documentation and books and applications like GitWiki that use Git's repository in new ways.

RubyGems: 1.1.0 released, now works on Rubinius

by Werner Schuster on  Mar 30, 2008

RubyGems 1.1.0 was released with performance updates and other features. In other news: RubyGems now works on Rubinius.

HotRuby - Ruby 1.9/YARV opcode interpreter in Javascript

by Werner Schuster on  Mar 27, 2008

HotRuby is a new way of running Ruby code: compile it down to Ruby 1.9 bytecode and run it in a client side interpreter written in Javascript. We take a look at what makes HotRuby work.

Common Ruby MVM API research kicked off

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 28, 2008

Research on the topic of Multiple VM (MVM) Ruby will be conducted at the University of Tokyo together with Sun's JRuby team. The work will investigate issues such as communication between VMs and a common API across all Ruby implementations, with solutions provided initially for Ruby and JRuby.

Interview: Wilson Bilkovich Discusses Rubinius

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 20, 2008

Wilson Bilkovich is an Engine Yard employee working as a core Rubinius team member. Wilson discusses various Rubinius systems and how they're implemented, as well as distributed version control systems, the Ruby Hit Squad, RubyGems and more.

EngineYard hires developer for mod_rubinius and Rubinius

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 11, 2008

EngineYard, a Rails hosting company and employer of 5 Rubinius team members, just added a 6th developer to work on Rubinius and mod_rubinius. The mod_rubinius effort is supposed to significantly improve the deployment of Ruby and RoR applications.

Article: Ruby Concurrency, Actors, and Rubinius - Interview with MenTaLguY

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 31, 2008 1

Actors, Fibers/Coroutines, Rubinius' Multi-VM and other Concurrency topics have come up recently. To put all these concepts into perspective, we talked to Ruby's MenTaLguY, who's been working on Ruby fastthread, Ruby Actors implementations, Rubinius, and much more. Also: a glimpse at MenTaLguY's next project.