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  • Rack: HTTP request handling made easy

    Rack provides an interface between web servers and code that handles HTTP requests, such as web frameworks. This simple library has been adopted by many web frameworks, but it's also usable as standalone. We caught up with Christian Neukirchen, creator of Rack, to see what Rack is all about.

  • HotRuby - Ruby 1.9/YARV opcode interpreter in Javascript

    HotRuby is a new way of running Ruby code: compile it down to Ruby 1.9 bytecode and run it in a client side interpreter written in Javascript. We take a look at what makes HotRuby work.

  • MacRuby - Ruby 1.9 ported to Objective-C

    A new project called MacRuby aims to improve Ruby on MacOS X by using the Objective-C runtime and Garbage Collector to improve Cocoa support and speed. To get an idea of how MacRuby works, we talked to Laurent Sansonetti of the MacRuby team.

  • New snapshot of Ruby 1.9, plans for 1.8.7 posted

    Two months after the initial release of Ruby 1.9.0, a new snapshot 1.9.0-1 has been released. The release warrants a look, since it contains a few breaking changes and a few small additions like Proc#curry. Also: plans for Ruby 1.8.x, the next stable release were posted.

  • Rush - OOP shell in Ruby

    Rush is a new OOP shell written in Ruby. Unlike shells like bash, Rush has commands interacting with objects instead of strings, which allows to use regular Ruby constructs to iterate over files and other objects. Rush goes further with remote shell functionality and more. InfoQ caught up with Adam Wiggins the creator of Rush.

  • Bringing Scripting back to VB

    Historically Visual Basic has its roots in scripting and dynamic programming, but never fully embraced it. This is seen in mismatched language features such as the ability to consume objects via late binding, a.k.a. duck typing, but no ability to define them. In a presentation at Lang.NET, Paul Vick talks about bringing scripting back to VB.

  • Glimmer - using JRuby and SWT for Eclipse RCP apps

    Glimmer is a library for building GUIs with JRuby and SWT. Using the Builder idiom, it allows to define GUIs very quickly, but also permits to access SWT APIs directly. Glimmer was recently proposed as an official Eclipse project, so we caught up with Andy Maleh to talk about the project.

  • How to Develop New Activities for the One Laptop Per Child Project?

    The One Laptop Per Child project has starting shipping its first generation of XO laptops. OLPC "is not a laptop project, it is an education project", explains Nicholas Negroponte, director of the project. A full Sugar based development environment is available for developers to contribute new activities to the project. Sugar supports collaborative activities when XOs are meshed together.

  • Programming for the DLR

    The Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) is an effort to facilitate the creation of language runtimes on .NET. IronRuby, a Ruby for .NET, is one of the languages built on the DLR that helps to push its limits. A new blog gives a step by step introduction to the DLR and how to build languages on it.

  • Interview: IBM CTO Jerry Cuomo on REST & Project Zero

    IBM Fellow and WebSphere CTO Jerry Cuomo talks about REST and Project Zero, IBM's new Groovy & PHP based RESTful app mashup / scripting / dev tool.

  • Java Scripting Wish List

    With the release of Java 6 and JSR 223, developers now have the option of being able to have inter-operability between Java and any of the supported scripting language. Mark Fortner has been exploring the capabilities of the Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) with JSR 223, and has found a number of items that could be improved.

  • Ruby.NET 0.9 improves .NET interop, adds Form designer support

    Ruby.NET, a project to compile Ruby source to .NET CIL, just released version 0.9. The release comes with improved .NET integration and a nearly complete implementation of the Ruby standard library. To top it off, Ruby.NET VS integration ships Form Builder support to help build Ruby GUI apps.

  • PowerShell Scripting Added to SQL Server 2008

    Francois Ajenstat has recently announced that SQL Server is the next to pick up PowerShell scripting in the next CTP.

  • IDE scripting with Ruby and Eclipse Monkey

    Eclipse Monkey now allows to script Eclipse with Ruby. This puts Eclipse closer to Smalltalk IDEs or Emacs, by allowing to automate tedious tasks or build simple tools right in the IDE using a familiar language.

  • Is it too late for Parrot VM?

    The Parrot Virtual Machine recently had it’s sixth birthday. Parrot is a VM that sprung out of the Perl6 development, which primarily targets dynamic languages, but also for instance .NET and C99. But six years is a long time, and both Microsoft and Sun is targeting this segment. Is it too late for Parrot?