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InfoQ Homepage News New snapshot of Ruby 1.9, plans for 1.8.7 posted

New snapshot of Ruby 1.9, plans for 1.8.7 posted

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Two months after the 25th December 2007 release of Ruby 1.9, a new snapshot has just been released: Ruby 1.9.0-1, available at

The release mostly contains bugfixes, but there are also a few changes any 1.9 adopter need to be aware of, as they change behavior:
* Enumerable#zip behavior reverted to 1.8 one. string
* Hash#flatten no longer work recursively.

Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz") clarifies the new behavior of Hash#flatten:
I mean
  {a: [:a,1], b: 2}.flatten
to give
  [:a, [:a, 1], :b, 2]
  [:a, :a, 1, :b, 2]
as it used to.
There are also a few notable additions, such as Proc#curry, recently discussed here at InfoQ. Other additions:
* Math.cbrt added.
* Math.{gamma,lgamma} added.
* import RubyGems r1601.
* Proc#curry added.
* Oniguruma 5.9.1
* added UTF-16,CP949,EUC-KR,GB12345,UCS-{2,4}{BE,LE},GBK,CP936,CP949, GB2312,UTF-7,BIG5,EUC-TW,GB18030,KOI8,KOI8-R,KOI8-U,Windows-1251 support.
Adopters of Ruby 1.9 can use  Multiruby to run tests on multiple Ruby versions to quickly determine changes in behavior.

While Ruby 1.9 development is moving ahead, the stable 1.8.x branch will still be maintained. Akinori Musha posted a schedule for the work on Ruby 1.8.7, the next stable release of the 1.8 branch. While the specific changes are still to be determined, the release date is aimed at late April 2008.

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  • Release date?

    by Anand Sharma,

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    You mean, April 2008?


  • Re: Release date?

    by Werner Schuster,

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    Thanks - it's updated to "April 2008" now

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p


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