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Google Releases New Code Search in Beta in Revamped Cloud Source Repositories

by Steef-Jan Wiggers Follow 7 Followers on  Sep 27, 2018

Google announced it is bringing code search in beta availability with the newly revamped Cloud Source Repositories service. This overhaul provides an entirely new user interface and semantic code search capabilities.

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Optimizing Distributed Queries in Splunk

by Jonathan Allen Follow 611 Followers on  Sep 23, 2015

Optimizing queries in Splunk’s Search Processing Language is similar to optimizing queries in SQL. The two core tenants are the same: Change the physics and reduce the amount of work done. Added to that are two precepts that apply to any distributed query.

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Architecture, Tuning, and Troubleshooting a Splunk Indexer Cluster

by Jonathan Allen Follow 611 Followers on  Sep 23, 2015

If you could handle all of the data you need to work with on one machine, then there is no reason to use big data techniques. So clustering is pretty much assumed for any installation larger than a basic proof of concept. In Splunk Enterprise, the most common type of cluster you’ll be dealing with is the Indexer Cluster.


Basho Data Platform Supports In-Memory Analytics, Caching, Search and Integration with NoSQL

by Srini Penchikala Follow 38 Followers on  Jul 05, 2015

Basho Data Platform supports integration with NoSQL databases like Redis, in-memory analytics, caching, and search. Basho Technologies, the company behind Riak NoSQL database, announced in May, the availability of the data platform that can be used to deploy and manage Big Data, IoT and hybrid cloud applications.


Mobile-friendly Websites Are to Be Favored by Google Search

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Apr 20, 2015

Starting with April 21st, 2015, Google will change the algorithm for searches originating from mobile devices to favor websites that are optimized for smartphones. This change will affect searches in all languages worldwide and will have a “significant impact in our search results”, according to Google.


Google Is Now Indexing JavaScript and CSS Content: Pitfalls to Avoid

by Sergio De Simone Follow 18 Followers on  May 30, 2014 1

Google has announced that Googlebot, its web crawler, now executes and indexes some content in JavaScript. This change could impact negatively search results, unless a few basic rules are taken into account.


IDE Integrated Search Engines

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Feb 25, 2014

New tools are bringing the web directly into a programmer's IDE. As search engines continue to compete for customers, new programming-specific search functionality has been produced for Visual Studio users.


Search Based Apps Broken in Windows 8.1

by Jonathan Allen Follow 611 Followers on  Sep 10, 2013 3

Windows 8.1 has hidden the integrated search contract that many applications rely on. In its place users will instead see Bing search results and advertisements.


DataStax Brings Enterprise Security To Cassandra, Hadoop, Solr

by Roopesh Shenoy Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 18, 2013

Datastax Enterprise 3.0 was announced last month with several Enterprise security features for a cluster using Cassandra, Hadoop and Solr. InfoQ caught up with Robin Schumacher, VP of Products at DataStax to learn more.


Updated: Ed Bott Crowns Java the New "Foistware" King

by Charles Humble Follow 932 Followers on  Jan 23, 2013 5

On top of repeated security breaches to the Java browser plug-in, the long-established practice of including unrelated browser add-ons with the Java runtime installer is giving end-users another reason to avoid the Java platform.


On Lucene.Net: Becoming a Top-level Apache Project and Its Future

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Aug 18, 2012

Lucene.Net, a C# port of the Lucene text search index library, has graduated the Incubator and has become a top-level Apache project. This article contains an interview with Prescott Nasser on the future of the project and Solr.Net.


Yahoo! Axis! Of! Incompetence!

by Alex Blewltt Follow 0 Followers on  May 24, 2012

Yahoo! have released a search plugin Axis which allows clients to search for web content with graphical previews rendered on the server. Unfortunately, they also leaked their private Chrome signing key with the Chrome extension. Read on for more.


Amazon's CloudSearch Stiffens Competition for Search as a Service Providers

by Jeevak Kasarkod Follow 3 Followers on  Apr 26, 2012 1

Amazon launched CloudSearch to address growing demand for search capabilities in applications without the overhead of standing up and maintaining search infrastructure. The launch has spurred off a race among search providers. This article focuses on the strengths and gaps in the CloudSearch feature set based on experiences and reactions from the user community.


LinkedIn Engineering Releases SenseiDB 1.0.0

by Kostis Kapelonis Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 19, 2012 1

LinkedIn engineering releases SenseiDB 1.0.0, a NoSQL database focused on high update rates and complex semi-structured search queries, already used in production by LinkedIn in its search related pages (e.g. People/Company search)


LinkedIn Open Sources IndexTank, a Customizable Indexing Engine

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Dec 29, 2011

LinkedIn has open sourced IndexTank, a document indexing engine that runs on the cloud and lets users customize the indexing process and tweak the results.

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