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  • 5 SOA Best Practices According to IBM

    Although many companies today are banking on SOA to help them respond faster to new and changing demands of the economic landscape, they are not always capable of achieving consistent measurable results. A recent white paper from IBM defines five best practices to achieve success with a SOA implementation.

  • Only 1 in 5 SOA Projects Actually Succeed

    A typical SOA implementation is as much about solving business and organizational problems as it is about technology. A latest SOA survey by Burton group shows that unless these three SOA underpinnings are balanced correctly, SOA implementations are destined to fail.

  • Is Enterprise Data Management the Third Face of the SOA/BPM Coin?

    Fred Cummins, an EDS fellow, and SOA veteran, wrote an essay last week on "Data Management for SOA". He is looking at how some of the key tenets of service design ("loose coupling" and "autonomy") relate to enterprise data in the context of achieving reuse and enabling change.

  • SOA Governance Revisited

    Despite increased adoption, many of the SOA projects are still failing Things are often getting so bad that in a recent SOA was called "Dead on Arrival". One of the ways to improve this situation is proper SOA governance.

  • Is Cohesion Important for SOA?

    Jim Webber re-ignited some interesting discussions about the need (or not) for Cohesive Services within SOA. What started as a fairly innocuous post has certainly generated a lot of debate.

  • Christian Weyer on Service Oriented Communication

    Communication is everywhere. The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) can be used to design and develop service-oriented distributed solutions. Christian Weyer provides a practical approach to realizing distributed solutions with WCF - beyond the hype and 'Hello World'.

  • InfoQ Minibook: Composite Software Construction

    In a new InfoQ minibook, InfoQ SOA Editor and SOA Enterprise Architect Jean-Jacques Dubray describes the state of the art and emerging new approaches in building "Composite Software", solutions created by assembling existing services. The book is available as an InfoQ Minibook, i.e. free of charge in PDF format for InfoQ users. A printed version is available too.

  • Tight Coupling and its Unintended Consequences

    As we transition from component architectures to service oriented architectures, the balance between natural, efficient asset reuse and independent, decoupled systems is a real battleground. Neal Ford recently posted some thoughts about high coupling and it's unintended consequences, and we revisit a great InfoQ interview with Jim Webber about tight coupling as it applies to service architectures.

  • Article: Roles in SOA Governance

    In this article Stefan Tilkov, innoQ SOA consultant and InfoQ SOA Community editor, introduces a potential set of roles for successful SOA Governance. He describes the individual roles as well as the tasks assigned to each independent of any tool, vendor, or technology.

  • On Intermediation in SOA

    Nick Malik writes about "The Value of Intermediation in SOA", which started an interesting discussion. In his first blog post on the subject he asked the question: "Is it Service Oriented if the message cannot be intermediated?".

  • Microsoft SOA Reference Model, Initial Draft of the Introductory Chapter

    John Evdemon, an architect with the Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team has published an initial draft of the introductory chapter of a Microsoft Abstract SOA Reference Model. According to Evdemon this paper shall serve as an abstract reference for understanding, designing and building software architectures that adhere to service-oriented principles.

  • WCF Messaging Fundamentals

    Aaron Skonnard has published an article about WCF Messaging Fundamentals in the current issue of the MSDN Magazine. He provides an overview of WCF's messaging layer, improvements in the System.Xml namespace as well as guidance on working with messages and message representations.

  • SOA: Beyond the Hype and SDL

    InfoQ sits down with Mohammad Akif, a Microsoft Architect Evangelist, to discuss the myths of SOA, common pitfalls in designing for SOA, J2EE and .NET interoperability and injecting the Security Development Lifecycle into enterprise development lifecycles.

  • SOA Integration and Methodologies

    Miko Matsumura interviews John Harby, an independent consultant, OASIS Techican Committee member and SOA practitioner on popular SOA implementation methodologies.

  • InfoQ Article:Introduction to BackgrounDRb

    As the problem domain of your Rails applications expands, you may need to run computationally intensive or long running background tasks. How can you run these long background tasks without your web server timing out? And how do you display the progress to your users?