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Development Follow 748 Followers Service Discovery Using CRDTs by Mushtaq Ahmed Follow 0 Followers , Unmesh Joshi Follow 0 Followers Posted on Mar 25, 2018 Mushtaq Ahmed and Unmesh Joshi discuss using CRDTs in Akka to build service discovery for Thirty Meter Telescope.

Followers Service-Oriented Solution Evaluation Criteria by Paul Mooney Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 22, 2010 Paul Mooney attempts to clear up some of the misunderstandings surrounding SOA considering the fact that many implementations are labeled as “SOA” but are not. He does that by describing an SOA journey from establishing a route (characteristics, goals, benefits), planning it (service inventory), making it (service design) and arriving at the destination (measuring success, governance).

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Followers PojoSR brings Service Registry to Java by Alex Blewitt Follow 4 Followers Posted on Oct 13, 2011 Followers Microsoft Introduces .Net RIA Services by Jean-Jacques Dubray Follow 3 Followers Posted on Mar 19, 2009 14 Followers Oracle Unveils ts SOA Product Strategy by Boris Lublinsky Follow 1 Followers Posted on Aug 12, 2008

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Followers DIY SOA: How to build your own Simple Service Repository by Ben Wilcock Follow 0 Followers Posted on Aug 31, 2011 13

Followers Using DNS for REST Web Service Discovery by Jan Algermissen Follow 0 Followers Posted on May 03, 2010 18

Followers Implementing a Service Registry for .NET Web Services by Boris Lublinsky Follow 1 Followers Posted on Jan 23, 2008 4