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  • How Lyft Is Improving Their Experiments beyond A/B Testing

    Lyft’s product manager John Kirn recently published an article about the challenges they face when conducting experiments. Existing experimentation techniques did not fully adapt to Lyft’s real-time business nature or mitigate network effects. Lyft’s Experimentation team deployed new ones, such as time and region split testing, and improved internal experimentation norms and techniques.

  • AWS and NFL Partner to Bolster Next Gen Stats for American Football Games

    For the 2021-2022 NFL season, the NFL and AWS are partnering to add a few new statistics to their Next Gen Stats (NGS) tool. The league will now track fourth down and two-point conversion analytics with Next Gen Stats Decision Guide, powered by AWS.

  • Experiences from Testing Stochastic Data Science Models

    A data science model is a statistical black box; testing it requires an understanding of mathematical techniques like algorithms, randomness, and statistics. To validate data science models you can use thresholds to handle output variance.

  • How Statistical Forecasting Can Help You Trust Your Data and Drive Business Agility

    Statistical forecasting is a highly effective way to improve delivery predictions and avoid some traditional estimation problems. In a case study from AgileByExample 2018, by Piotr Leszczynski, he says it can also help you understand and trust your data more, and drive improvements in business agility.

  • Agile is Giving Testers More Influence

    There is an evolution going on in testing. It used to be that testing was about confirming to the specification. Testers were often brought in too late and had too little influence, but that is changing now as Cirilio Wortel explained in his talk on the evolution of software testing.

  • Microsoft Acquires Revolution Analytics

    Microsoft increased its foothold in the data science community last winter by acquiring Revolution Analytics, a major provider of software and services based on the open-source R project for computational statistics. The deal is expected to bring R capabilities to the Microsoft suite of products and facilitate the adoption of R-based solutions in the enterprise environment.

  • DataFu Enters Incubation Status at Apache

    LinkedIn’s DataFu project, a collection of libraries for Hadoop, has now officially entered the incubation status at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) since the first week of January.

  • IT Projects: 400% Over-Budget and only 25% of Benefits Realized

    An alarming study by Flyvbjerg and Budzier published in the Harvard Business Review has made everyone stand-up and take notice. The coherent advice being that IT projects are much more riskier than we think.

  • jStat: A Lightweight Statistical JavaScript Library

    jStat is a JavaScript library providing developers with statistical functions and the ability to plot graphics from within the browser. jStat can be used for statistical operations on all browsers without any external dependencies, and it requires jQuery and the flot plug-in for plotting data. jStat is a partial port of R - an open source statistical language and environment-.

  • Clojure Roundup: Distribution with Crane, Mathematics with Incanter, Builds with Leiningen 1.0

    FlightCaster recently open sourced Crane, a tool for distributing and remotely controlling Clojure instances, currently specialized for EC2. Incanter is a Clojure library and tool that makes R-like statistical computations easy with Clojure. Also: the build and dependency management tool Leiningen 1.0 is now available.

  • Metrics for Ruby With Caliper

    Caliper calculates various metrics – for example code duplication and complexity – for your Ruby code; all you need is a public Git repository.

  • What Software are Other Geeks Using?

    Wakoopa, a new start-up based in Amsterdam, Holland, has created a new social network aimed at discovering and sharing what applications people are using. While its user base is relatively small and geek oriented, the network provides useful insight on software usage with a social twist.

  • 'State of Agile' Survey Open for Participation

    VersionOne, a maker of agile project management tools, has announced that the third annual 'State of Agile Development' survey is open for participation. The online survey is intended to gauge the value of agile development practices in the field. Results will be announced on August 4th, at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto.

  • Agile Practices with the Highest Return on Investment

    Return on Investment is a critical factor for decision making pertaining to following a particular software development practice. The post summarizes the ROI benefits of Agile and the inexpensive practices which lead to highest return on investment.

  • Results of Agile Adoption Survey 2008

    In February 2008, Dr. Dobb's conducted a survey on Agile adoption and the success rate of Agile software development. The survey revealed some interesting results on various parameters, including: adoption, scalability, iteration length, and team location.