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  • Stack Overflow Sentiment Survey Aims to Identify Experimental and Proven Technologies

    Stack Overflow has published its 2023 Emergent Tech Sentiment Survey, aiming to gauge how developers perceive utility and impact of a range of "buzz-worthy" technologies like quantum computing, nanotechnology, blockchain, and others, as well as other more established ones including cloud computing, machine learning, robotics, and more.

  • Puppet Releases Its 2020 State of DevOps Report

    The State of DevOps Report 2020 released by Puppet reveals that internal platforms for self-service and effective change management practices were key for organizations to move up the DevOps evolution ladder. Security integration in the software delivery pipeline also plays a key role.

  • Rust Breaks into TIOBE Top 20 Most Popular Programming Languages

    Developers’ love for Rust has translated into real-world adoption. On 6/2/2020, TIOBE reported that Rust broke into TIOBE index top 20 for the first time.

  • Node.js 2017 User Survey Results in the Enterprise

    The Node.js 2017 User Survey results are in and they show a growing interest in Node from enterprise customers. The Node.js Foundation says that the increase in enterprise customers on the Long Term Support versions shows their LTS strategy is working.

  • Puppet Releases Its 2017 State of DevOps Report

    The Puppet State of DevOps Report 2017 shows that high-performing IT teams are deploying more frequently and recovering faster. There is more focus on automation, with loosely coupled architectures and teams facilitating continuous delivery. Transformational leadership and lean product management practices are also key drivers behind high performing teams.

  • Investigation of Project Management Skills

    An investigation was done to find out which skills are desired by employers for project management positions and what it takes to be successful as a project manager. An interview about skills for managing projects, likability of bosses and leadership skills, why people feel miserable at work and what can be done to prevent it and the need for project managers when organizations migrate to agile.

  • State of Testing 2015 Report is Published

    The state of testing 2015 report shares results from this year's testing survey that was organized by Joel Montvelisky from PractiTest and Lalit Bhamare from Tea-Time with Testers. It provides insights in the adoption of test techniques and practices, test automation, and the challenges that testers are facing. InfoQ did an interview with the organizers of the survey.

  • DevOps Adoption Cultural Challenges

    Oliver White, Head of Rebel Labs, recently discussed the difficulties of DevOps adoption at IT organizations, even when there is a growing body of evidence that highlights the benefits of DevOps. InfoQ took the opportunity to interview Oliver and review some of the reports that study this topic.

  • Behind the 2012 VersionOne State of Agile Survey

    VersionOne recently released the results of their State of Agile Development Survey for 2012, and once again it proved to be an interesting indicator of Agile adoption and trends.

  • How to Measure and Analyze Happiness

    Companies have reported that focusing on things that make their employees happy can give benefits. But how can you measure and analyze employee happiness? Some insights in the why of happiness, and the results and lessons learned from those who used it.

  • 2011 State of Agile Survey Results Show Agile Adoption Stable

    VersionOne have recently released the results of their State of Agile Development Survey for 2011, and as always it gives an interesting insight into Agile adoption and trends.

  • NoSQL Adoption Is on the Rise, a New Survey Suggests

    A new Couchbase survey indicates that the adoption rate of NoSQL solutions by enterprises is rising. Will this be the year of NoSQL as some suggest, and what are the main adoption forces at work?

  • Real IT Project Success in 2011

    Scott Ambler published the results of his annual IT project success survey, in which he examined the impact of methodology on project outcome. He looked at five different "development paradigms" and how they influence project outcome: ad-hoc, iterative, traditional/waterfall, agile and lean. Ambler's definition of success is deliberately subjective - how did the customer feel about the outcome?

  • IT Projects: 400% Over-Budget and only 25% of Benefits Realized

    An alarming study by Flyvbjerg and Budzier published in the Harvard Business Review has made everyone stand-up and take notice. The coherent advice being that IT projects are much more riskier than we think.

  • Eclipse Community Survey 2011

    The Eclipse Foundation has announced the results of its yearly community survey, which looks at various aspects of development in and around the Eclipse ecosystem. However, it also reflects the changing developer biases around the globe as well, such as the increasing use of DVCS and of mobile development platform preferences.