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  • The 2010 State of Agile Development Survey

    For the last 4 years VersionOne has surveyed the agile community to provide insight into the “State of Agile Development”. At the Agile 2010 conference this year the 5th annual survey was kicked off. The survey attempts to "gauge the value of Agile Development practices", such as the methodology adoption. You can participate in the survey at

  • Developer Perception on Mobile Platforms Survey Results

    Vision Mobile has published the Mobile Developer Economics 2010 and Beyond report, containing the results of a survey across +400 developers working on the most important eight mobile platforms. The survey shows what platform the developers prefer, what is the installed base and number of apps per platform, time needed to learn and debug on a platform, and others.

  • InfoQ User Survey Results

    Back in January, InfoQ published a User Survey and asked for people to take a few minutes and fill it out. Our reasoning for doing so was pretty straightforward - we wanted to know how we could improve the InfoQ experience for you, the user. We were pleasantly surprised that within a few days of posting the survey we had received several thousand replies - these are the results of that survey.

  • How Does Your Agile Compare to Your Competition?

    A lot of times teams and organizations would like to evaluate their way of working with their competition. They would like to focus on their areas of improvement and incorporate feedback to do better. Comparative Agility assessment is an assessment tool which suggests that the results would help guide the organization in planning the next set of their Agile initiatives.

  • What Practices Make Up YOUR Agile Development?

    'Agile' is an umbrella term. As the community matures, we are going beyond specific methodologies towards each team and/or organization having a tailored set of practices. Jurgen Appelo is running a survey that could give us insight into the current state of practice.

  • Top Scripting Languages: PHP, Ruby, Python

    Evans Data's published the result of its scripting language survey. PHP, Ruby and Python are the favorite choices of more than 500 developers and IT Professionals. Scripting languages usage in the enterprise has changed with time, the survey outlines the drawbacks and merits of each language.

  • Distribute Development and the Quality Will Suffer

    In a recent survey conducted by 'The Reg reader' the surprise second biggest distributed development challenge faced by respondents, after communication and collaboration, was the varying quality levels between distributed sites. Another big challenge amongst the top five was the difference in quality of practices and processes across sites.

  • 'State of Agile' Survey Shows Wider Agile Adoption

    The results of Version One's 3rd annual 'State of Agile' survey are in. According to the survey, agile practices are being used more widely and with impressive results. More than half of the respondents indicated that 90 - 100% of their organization's agile projects have been successful, and 93% indicated that agile practices had enhanced their ability to respond to changing priorities.

  • Presentation: Agile in Practice: What Is Actually Going On Out There?

    In this presentation filmed during Agile 2008, Scott Ambler talks about actual data resulting from surveys made during 2006-2008, showing how Agile is perceived and implemented within organizations. Some of the topics surveyed are: the adoption rate of Agile, the effectiveness of Agile approaches, the effectiveness of various techniques.

  • 'State of Agile' Survey Open for Participation

    VersionOne, a maker of agile project management tools, has announced that the third annual 'State of Agile Development' survey is open for participation. The online survey is intended to gauge the value of agile development practices in the field. Results will be announced on August 4th, at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto.

  • Results of Agile Adoption Survey 2008

    In February 2008, Dr. Dobb's conducted a survey on Agile adoption and the success rate of Agile software development. The survey revealed some interesting results on various parameters, including: adoption, scalability, iteration length, and team location.

  • Second Annual 'State of Agile Development' Survey

    The second annual State of Agile Development Survey, sponsored by the Agile Project Leadership Network and VersionOne has been released. The survey is described as taking "5-7 minutes to complete approximately 20 questions". The results are completely anonymous, and will be presented at Agile 2007. Three Amazon gift certificates will be randomly drawn for participants.

  • Agile Tooling Survey Results

    Trailridge Consulting's independent survey looked at the adoption of agile practices globally, and the characteristics of the agile companies included in the survey, including demographics and Agile methodologies in use. It went on further to examine the tools which support Agile Project Management and delivery, from spreadhsheets to full blown integrated Agile PM tools.

  • BEA SOA Cost Benefits Survey Results

    BEA commissioned a survey on SOA cost/benefits in large comanies in North America and Europe who are doing SOA. 46% of companies intend to deploy 1-50 services within a year, 24% 51-100, and 15% 101-200 services. 75% of companies expected 11-40% reuse. ESB's were listed as the most expensive investment.