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Culture & Methods Follow 842 Followers Production Like Performance Tests of Web-Services by Stefan Friese Follow 1 Followers Posted on Apr 29, 2016 Tests should always keep the end user view in mind. But how to test web services, which are not directly customer-facing, and in particular, how to performance test them in a meaningful way? This article outlines performance split testing as a performance test approach that is relying on real-time production traffic. 3

Followers Q&A on Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Tests by Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers Posted on Jun 23, 2015 An interview with Gojko Adzic, David Evans and Tom Roden on why they wrote this book, how quantifying quality can support testing, balancing trust levels when testing large and complex systems, why automating manual tests is almost always a bad idea, on using production metrics in testing, how to reduce or prevent duplication in test code, and on upcoming books in the fifty quick ideas series.

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Java Follow 1153 Followers Testing with Spock: The Logical Choice by Iván López Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jan 09, 2016
Java Follow 1153 Followers Using Groovy & Spock to Develop Tests as Assets not Afterthoughts by Brian Westrich Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 18, 2015
Cloud Follow 353 Followers Bring The Rain: Cloud Powered Continuous Delivery by Ken Dale Follow 0 Followers Posted on Oct 20, 2015
Followers I Dream of Gen'ning: Protecting Your Codebase with Scalacheck's Magic by Stew O'Connor Follow 0 Followers , Kelsey Gilmore-Innis Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jan 09, 2015
Followers The Mindset Change for the Agile Tester by Janet Gregory Follow 0 Followers Posted on Feb 03, 2014
Followers 7 Deadly Sins of Automated Software Testing by Adrian Smith Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 15, 2013
Followers Large-Scale Continuous Testing in the Cloud by John Penix Follow 0 Followers Posted on May 24, 2013
Followers Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code by Sandro Mancuso Follow 0 Followers Posted on May 02, 2013 2
Followers How to Narrow Down What to Test by Zsolt Fabok Follow 0 Followers Posted on Feb 27, 2013
Followers Creating a Walking Skeleton by Paul Grenyer Follow 0 Followers Posted on Feb 05, 2013

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Followers XebiaLabs TestView Integrates Multiple Testing Tools by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers Posted on Jun 25, 2015

Followers Failure Injection Testing: Controlling Failure in Production by Michael Stiefel Follow 6 Followers Posted on Dec 12, 2014 2